Ep 13. Mr. Locke is Not Your Grandpa

We have a lot to say on Michael’s parenting skills in Special (1.14). What makes a good parent, and why ISN’T Locke somebody’s really cool grandpa?

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One thought on “Ep 13. Mr. Locke is Not Your Grandpa”

  1. Despite Walt being born a decade earlier, Michael had NO EXPERIENCE in being a father before he and the former met for the first time in Australia – a day before the crash.

    This idea that Michael should have known how to automatically be a father is ridiculous. Michael was in the process of learning how to be a father and naturally, he was going to make mistakes.

    But that was nothing in compare to the mistake John Locke made by teaching Walt on how to throw a machete . . . without Michael’s consent. What in the hell was he thinking?

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